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Did you know we have an entire section of our blog for our brides?  We share lots of great information to help make your wedding experience go smoothly.  I have invested a lot of time on that section over the past few years because I know how important it is!  It is your first wedding, but we have been doing this for a LONG time!  I have plans for some new post for that series coming up this month, but for now I am sharing the top posts we think every bride should read!

Why timelines matter!

What to have in your getting ready room

Groomsmen getting ready tips

The First Look!

Engagement session tips! 



If you need more…check out FAQ’s from the bride!  

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  1. What a great resource!! I’m working to get posts written to have a section like this. It’s daunting, but so worth it in the end I know!

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