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Guest Post: Brianna Leigh Beauty

I am so excited to share today’s post with you guys!  After working with Brianne Leigh Beauty on several collaborations, I knew I wanted to share more of her knowledge with my brides!  Today she is giving you 5 great reasons to invest in professional wedding hair and make-up!  ENJOY!


1. Training & Knowledge
Professional hairstylists and makeup artists are trained extensively! From the year or more of training required to obtain a license to the continuing education we have to take to keep our license, we are always learning new trends! We are also taught skills that most people don’t know or take into consideration! One example is bronzer. If the makeup artist applies a bronzer that is too warm and has any tint of orange/red tones, once you put on that beautiful white wedding dress, your face will likely end up looking orange! We also know that having SPF in any of the makeup products used will give your face a ghost like or “white” appearance in flash photography. These things, among many other crucial tips and tricks, are what allows us to give our brides the best look that will be in photos that you will want to treasure for years to come!
2. Sanitation
This is my biggest pet peeve! Most professional hairstylists and makeup artists are trained on how to properly clean and sanitize their kits! You want to make sure everything that touches you and your Skin has been thoroughly cleaned and stored between uses! All eye and lip products should be sanitized and always used with disposable applicators, makeup brushes should be washed and sanitized between each use, hair brushes & combs should be cleaned out & washed, etc. One of your very first questions when booking hair and makeup should be “what is your cleansing and sanitation routine? How can I be assured that I am safe from contamination and infection?” They should be able to answer this question without hesitation, if not then you should find someone new ASAP!
3. Be stress free (as much as possible) & the center of attention!
Hiring an on location hair and makeup company means they come to YOU! Being able to stay in one place and not having to run around and wrangle maids takes a huge source of stress off the day. Not to mention feeling at peace knowing that you have hired someone who is experienced and knows what will enhance your features and look the absolute best in your photos! Also, you won’t have to worry about your one maid who loves her blue eyeshadow and is convinced it goes with everything! Let your makeup artist help her with her makeup to create a look that she loves but is still cohesive with the rest of your wedding theme and bridal party! Lastly, Hairstylists & makeup artists are there for you! We make it our duty to make sure the bride is the most important lady of the day! From playing Pandora to help with nerves and getting the party started to putting the finishing touches and adding the veil, we make sure you always feel like the bride and a VIP when you are in our hands!
4. Trials, Testimonials & Professionalism
These speak for themselves! Professional hair & makeup will always push for a trial! I have actually had a bride tell me they didn’t want a trial because they thought it was wasted money! I promise you, it’s not! A trial goes as long as needed, we don’t leave you until you are completely satisfied that you have the look you want on your wedding day! I always say, you don’t know what you really want until you are wearing it yourself. Yes, Kim Kardashian looks amazing with her severe contour and dark smokey eye and that super messy undone updo looks astonishing on Julianne Hough, but will you love it once it’s on YOU? Another benefit of a trial is knowing you will be done on time the day-of! If that is your first time with a stylist or artist, it typically takes longer, and most of the time, there’s not always extra time the day-of to change a look if you end up hating it!
Plain and simple, always read reviews about your stylists and artists! The internet is so accessible these days, you should be able to have a general consensus about the company you plan to hire just by the reviews you’ve read! If you get a gut feeling that something isn’t right, it probably isn’t!
Lastly, professionalism is key, and hard to come by in the beauty world! We are artists and free spirits and always looking for ways to express our creativity, but when it comes to relying on someone to show up at 6:00 am in the morning to start glamming your bridal party, you want to rest assured that you have a professional/professionals who are going to show up on time, well dressed and manicured and ready to get the job done!
5. You are worth it!!
I promise! You have spent so much money on your photographer and photo packages, the perfect dress and shoes, the perfect venue and cake and food for all your friends and family, what does all of that mean if you don’t feel like the most beautiful woman in the world? You will cherish your photos for years to come, family members will want copies and, if your like me, your walls in your home will be adorned with photos of you and your love, and you will want to look your very best in all of them! I assure you, you will not regret spending that extra money for a professional to come in and make sure you look your very best!
In conclusion, hiring a professional hairstylist and makeup artist is a great idea! We are trained to make you look the very best in your photos, we help make the day go smoothly and more stress free, we are passionate about beauty and helping others feel on top of the world & we know you are worth pampering yourself after the stress of planning a wedding!
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  1. joanna moss says:

    Great post. Hair and makeup is so important.

  2. It’s definitely important to invest in professional hair and makeup on your wedding day!

  3. Lindsay Zilke says:

    I so wish I had read this before my own wedding! It’s so true!! Get the professional look, you won’t regret it!

  4. Mahlia says:

    What a gorgeous look for her!

  5. Jill says:

    LOVE these reasons- I didn’t get makeup professionally done for our wedding and I regret it!!

  6. Kelsi says:

    This is super great advice for brides!

  7. Kelli says:

    This blog has some amazing advice!

  8. I really enjoyed reading her tips! I think this is such a helpful post for brides!

  9. Misty says:

    These tips are great!! Especially the sanitation!! I’m sure people don’t even THINK about that!

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