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A lesson learned from Covid-19

Dear Future Brides.

It has been a disheartening few weeks here in the wedding industry.  With the rise of this virus and the social distancing, one to the first things to happen was wedding postponements. I could talk about what it’s doing in the wedding industry, but I think we are all aware.  Instead, I want to tell you what I have taken away from this difficult time.




If I could give future brides one bit of advice, this is it.  The brides that took on planning their weddings themselves are having to face so many decisions at once.  They have to contact all the vendors themselves, work with each one on dates, sort through contracts and figure out what the best course of action is.  It’s an emotional time for those brides without having to deal with all this.  If you hire a wedding planner, they can handle all of this for you.  They will help you navigate this difficult time.  They will be there for you no matter what you decide.  This time has taught me that wedding planners are so crucial for so many reasons!  We always love when our brides have a planner regardless of a worldwide crisis.  But in these difficult times, it is so much more important now more than ever!  We never see these things coming, (and while hopefully we won’t have another Virus shut down our nation anytime soon after we recover from this) there is always something unexpected that could happen.  It could be a death or emergency in your family.  It could be a financial crisis that you weren’t expecting. So many things could happen that would effect your wedding day in the same way.  And having someone on your team that can help you navigate this tough season is worth it!


Here are a few planners we have worked with and LOVE!  If you are in need of one for your wedding, don’t hesitate to book one now!


Charleston Area:

Peper Events

Paper Meets Pearl

The Petal Report

The Coordination Company

Carolina Occasions

Nicki Paige Collection

Mod Events







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