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5 ways my home and business life are the same!

At a recent wedding we were discussing how chaotic part of the day was and someone said…”that must really be stressful for you!” and I looked at them and said “I have five kids, it’s just like every day of my life!” And that conversation got me thinking about how much wedding days and home days have in common for me really! So I thought it would be a fun little list to share!

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1. Rowdy Guys

Wedding day: Keep rowdy groomsmen in check. I keep 5 wild boys in line every single day. It really isn’t that different on the wedding day. Getting the guys to our bridal party spot with all their boutonnieres on is pretty much like my home life!

Home: “It’s time for school, do you have your backpacks and lunches. Did you remember your belt? Don’t forget your gym bag!”

2. Sticking to a tight timeline.
Wedding day: We are really efficient with our time on wedding days. Very rarely do we have times where we are just standing and waiting on someone. Are we missing a groomsmen? Let’s do bridesmaid photos. The groom left his boutonnière? Let’s shoot some bridal portraits.

Home: with five kiddos, we have to deal with constant attention shuffling while always keeping the next thing to do in the back of our minds. Doing homework with one kid while another has a snack, but need to finish in time to start dinner before ball practice. We got this!

3. Education is important!

Wedding day: I educate my clients as much as possible in advance for their wedding day. This is their first time getting married, but we do this all the time! We have learned a lot through the years and pass that knowledge down! We also help with small issues like which side do garters go on and how to tie bowties!

Home: As a mom you are pretty much educating from the moment your child is born. How to feed yourself, dress, use the bathroom, and tie your shoes. Then we they get in school you spend a good few hours each day assisting with homework as well. There is always something to teach!

4. Pre-planning makes the day go smooth!

Wedding day: We prep our couples in advance for what works, how the day will go, and where we will meet to do things. We know that having those things thought of in advance will allow us to be efficient, keep everyone on the same page and keep things stress free!

Home: We have a full schedule with my business, 5 kiddos and my husband’s business. We have a week planning session every Sunday to prep out our week ahead. Who needs to be where what days and when. We also pre-plan meals and lay out the kids school clothes. It makes our week go smoothly!

5. Always allow for error!

Wedding day: Something is always going to go wrong or take an unexpected turn. So we plan for that. We have cushion in our timeline. We try to anticipate anything that could go wrong. We take our image protection very seriously (see here). We bring extra batteries. We bring back up gear. We know that some point in the day will have a hiccup and that’s ok.

Home: Even on the best days, we have a messy house or we forget to study for a spelling test. With as many balls in the air as we have, we are bound to drop one now and then. But we pick it up and just get back to work. It’s a part of life!

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  1. Misty says:

    I’ve never even thought of wedding days like this, but it’s SO true!

  2. Sara OHara says:

    Love these!!! Especially #1 🙂

  3. Ashton Kelley says:

    Such a great way to merge both of your lives into one place, by the same rules! <3

  4. So incredibly true how similar a wedding day can be to everyday life. Love this perspective!

  5. Joanna Moss says:

    So true!!

  6. Jill Marie says:

    Love these similarities, and the reminders that there are so many common threads!

  7. Amanda Rowe Greer says:


  8. Yes girl!!! This is perfect and it’s neat to see just how you can pull in your home experience to help you manage the wedding day!

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