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Why you should invest in Pro make-up and hair!

You go to the Salon, get your hair done and fall in love with the look in the mirror.  Then you go home, wash it and style it yourself and shake your head because you just can’t make it look as good.  Am I the ONLY ONE?  I love nothing more than the way I feel when I get a fresh haircut.  I feel like a million bucks for sure!  So why wouldn’t you want that same feeling for your engagement or anniversary session?

I am a firm believer in PRO hair and Make-up for sessions.  Why?  Here are three awesome reasons!

1.  You feel prettier, you photograph prettier.  Want to know what the most important accessory on a woman is?  CONFIDENCE.  If you feel pretty, it shows.  That is why so many people LOVE their wedding portraits but aren’t as crazy about their engagements.  When you feel beautiful it will radiate through you.

2.  Hair will STAY put!  Pro hair is created using the best tools and products.  Your stylist will give you the right mix of products to make sure your hair looks great and stays looking great!  That extra effort helps you look great from the start of your session until it is over!  And here in the South, they give you humidity spray!  GAME CHANGER!

3.  It’s all about the highlights.  Pro make-up artists know how make-up will react with natural light and they will highlight and conture to make sure you look amazing in every shot.  Furthermore, they know just the right colors to use to accentuate your features.

BONUS TIP! False Eyelashes make every girl look swoon worthy!!

You are investing in your photographs, so why not do everything possible to make sure they turn out great?  Professional Hair and make-up will give you that polished look that push your photos over the top!




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