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Wedding Planning FAQ!

Nicki is a wedding planner in Charleston SC!  We have a wedding together coming up this summer, but I had a chance to photograph Nicki and her man this spring! It was so great chatting with her and she has so much knowledge to share with you guys!  Nicki will be answering some questions on wedding planning in today’s post!  Enjoy!



1 |  Why use a wedding planner? 
Answer: Where do I begin? It is so important to have a wedding planner! Regardless if your wedding is a destination wedding or you’re planning your wedding in your hometown, a wedding planner is going to help keep your overall vision – and budget – in check! I’ve noticed, a couple knows their vision, but they don’t know how to execute it. They aren’t sure what the next step is – and that’s where a planner comes in. We know the ins and outs of local vendors and we can help you select vendors who are going to be the perfect fit for your wedding day. We also look over contracts, design floor plans, put together timelines, help style your mood board, and overall help you stay stress free 🙂
2 | What is the difference between a wedding planner and day of coordinator? 
Answer: This has always been a tricky concept, because to be honest, day of coordinators aren’t always just “day of”. They actually do a lot more than you think! Ideally, that would be awesome, but realistically, I’ve found that most of the time, a meeting or two to go over logistics is necessary for the couples wedding day to be successful. Most planners now offer a month of service, which helps couples finalize the last of their planning, the planner then comes in and ties up the final details and executes the big day seamlessly. Unlike a “day of” or “month of” coordinator, a full service planner, is someone who will be there throughout your entire wedding planning process. From booking your first vendor, to budget customization, to linen selections, to sending you off with a grand sparkler exit! It all depends on how much help the bride needs.
3 | Tips for planning a destination wedding?  
Answer: Well, I may be biased, but book a planner! Otherwise, research, research, research! It is very important to know about the area that you are getting married in, budgets can vary depending on your location and your venue, and your guest count can alter, depending on how far you are asking your guests to travel. A huge tip, that many couples tend to overlook, remember to research the state in which you are getting married in. Different states have different marriage license rules and regulations, and you’ll want to make sure you are getting all of the necessary documents together before your big day!
4 | Your favorite thing about the planning process?
Answer: I love when a couple incorporates parts of their life into their big day. I’ve seen so many adorable and sentimental things that we have incorporated on a couples wedding day, and it just honestly, makes the wedding day so much more intimate and special. I’ve had couples purchase maroon and gold streamers for a send off, because both bonded over Harry Potter. A couple designed their entire menu, based on the places they’ve lived and traveled together. So many small details shared throughout your wedding day, that can make for some really great conversations and even better memories. It’s just one large love story!
5 | What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned being a wedding planner?
Answer: Always be kind. As stressful as being a wedding planner can be and the e-mails that we sometimes have to open, just remember that you don’t know how someones day is going, and to respond back with a hateful e-mail or phone call, is only going to result in regret. A mentor once told me, if you find your self frustrated or upset with a situation, let it go for 24 hours and then reply to it later, once you’ve let yourself clear your mind and can respond with a calm and professional demeanor.
6 | What is your favorite part of your job?
Answer: I absolutely love seeing a couple’s face walk into the reception space for the first time, and to see their expression! It makes you feel like you made their dream come true and I don’t know how else to describe it other than waking up on Christmas morning. Another favorite, that doesn’t have to do necessarily with wedding planning, is meeting all of the really awesome people in the wedding world! There are some of the most talented, kindest, and hard working people in this field, and I have been so lucky to have met so many already!  
Thank you Nicki for sharing your expertise with us!!


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