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Every bride deserves to have beautiful wedding photos. I include the high res files with EVERY SINGLE WEDDING that I shoot. But you know what? Your photos deserve to be displayed beautifully as well! I love seeing each wedding day in print whether it be on your walls or in an album. I shoot each wedding with the album in mind. I make sure that your details fit together in a way that would look great on an album page! And let’s face it. It’s just pretty!

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should invest in a wedding album!

1. It’s a heirloom.
Having your wedding day told through an album that you can share with your children or grandchildren in the future will be such a heirloom! We offer high quality albums that will stand the test of time. From the 100% natural exterior to the custom designed pages printed on the finest Fuji Crystal Archival paper, these albums don’t disappoint!

2. You already invested
You invest so much in your wedding day and your wedding photography that really it just makes sense to invest in a wedding album as well! I offer a package with an album included at a low price because I want my couples to have these! I feel like albums really just complete your wedding day experience!

3. They save marriages….kind of. They are more than just fancy leather books, they hold so much emotional value. I remember when we went through marriage counseling with our pastor before our wedding he told us when things get tough, pull out your wedding album, look back at those pictures and remember why you chose to marry each other on that day. And it is true. Wedding photos are filled with so much joy and love, it’s hard to not feel those emotions rush back!

4. Remember the floppy drive?
Technology is forever changing! Even though you have a USB or have them all loaded to Facebook, who is to say that will still be there in 20-30 years. Chances are your grandchildren will toss that USB to the side and laugh at it…but a wedding album, they would dust off and look at.

5. IF not now, when?
Think about it. If you don’t go ahead and purchase a wedding album, will you ever really go back and get one? Time changes and so do priorities. Kids come along, houses need repairs and before you know it, that album slips further down the “need” list. Go ahead and invest NOW while the memories are fresh in your mind!

I am sharing a few photos of the albums we offer. I adore this company for so many reasons. They have amazing customer service and high quality products.


Here are some of the option available with our Album Service-

You can add a Cameo Window to your album with your favorite photo!


Here are a few samples of our favorite spreads you will find inside the album! Please note that the black border isn’t a part of the page, but added to allow you to see the white design on the blog today!


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