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The local Myth…

Today I am taking on a popular question that comes in many forms from brides.  I am talking about shooting weddings at new places, whether it be a destination or a new to us venue. Many times people inquire with us and ask, have you shot at this venue before?  Or they will ask if we have shot in this destination before.  And while I understand why this gets asked, (familiarity brings comfort) it isn’t a disadvantage if the answer is no.  And here is why….


Every venue has a first time with us.  Some venues we have worked at mutlitple times and some we just have tried out recently.  It doesn’t change a thing about your wedding day photos.  If we are shooting at a new to us venue, we always ALWAYS plan extra time to pick out portrait spots and familiarize ourselves with it.  My past brides can tell you that I arrive early always and this is one of the reasons.   Even if we have worked at that venue before, things change.  Seasons are different, sunset times, changes and additions have been made, etc.  We always treat it like we are walking in for the first time and never take for granted that we can do what we have in the past there.

New places often sparks our creativity!  We have our favorite venues for sure (Lowndes Grove is my personal favorite!) but we love the challenge of a new spot.  It allows me to get creative, find beautiful light and really try out some place new!  If I posted photos with the same spot for every bride and groom portrait, it would be so boring to see wouldn’t it?!?  Travel is one of the things that inspires my work most!  Taking in a new place and photographing it makes my heart go pitter-patter!

We always plan ahead!  If I am able to, we will visit a venue a few weeks before the wedding and get a feel for it too.  Or if we are shooting a destination wedding, we always allow a day before travel wise to scope the area out and pick out spots!  We have been doing this long enough to know what to look for so that your wedding day portraits are quick and smooth!



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