Our story part 6: forever and always.

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It was Christmas eve morning.  I had to work that day and my parents had their annual Christmas party that night.  I had just rolled out of bed in my flannel pajama pants and a black tee shirt.  My hair was probably slicked back in a ponytail.  I doubt make-up had even been an option at that point.  But the sound of his car pulling down our driveway woke me up.  I went out onto the porch to greet him.  We sat on the porch swing for a few minutes talking into the cold air.  He told me how much Christmas meant to him.  We reminisced about our first Christmas a few short years ago.  And then the moment I had waited for finally happened.  He was shaking so hard and his eyes looked at me with the most serious face I have ever seen.  He dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife.  I remember thinking “I am in pj’s.  this can’t be happening right now!”  I said yes, of course and with that, we began planning our wedding.

A year later, one week before Christmas, we became husband and wife.  It’s funny because I can’t remember much of the details of the day.  I remember my dress and flowers, the only two things I even cared about.  I remember the song we danced to, and the way I felt as I climbed into that limo at the end of the day but everthing else is forgetten.  It’s amazing how 16 years can take away so many details of your memory but leave you with others.  I remember the happiness I felt becoming his wife and I still feel that same happiness every single day.  Marriage is a blessing, and for me, it is the greatest one.


(Our wedding…YES, we had THAT many kids in it!  6 flower girls, a ring bearer and a miniture bride and groom).

So that’s our story.  The beginning of us.  Our love was young, but strong.   And it is the start of it all for me.  Love is why I do what I do.  It motivates me and inspires me. I can’t wait to tell YOUR love story.

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