Our story part 4: bad phone reception.

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It was the era of cordless phones.  My household had 2 phones.  One corded that had the longest cord in history.  I had stretched it so long that I could walk around the entire bottom level easily while in coversation.  And then we had a cordless phone that’s battery power rarely kept up with my talking ability.

One night while chatting on the phone, I heard the familiar beep of the dying phone battery.  I ignored it knowing it would last a little longer as it always does.  I don’t even know what we were talking about but I do remember the point of conversation when the phone started to die.  Apparently that beep gave us a sudden boost of courage because he told me he loved me.  I said  I love you too.  We sighed in the emotion.  And then I began the words slowly “I love you enough to….” and the phone died.  The familiar static sound filled the line and our conversation was over.  He called me back in a frantic.  What were you going to say, I love you enough to what?  I told him we were cursed.  It was a sign.  That I should just keep it to myself and I did.

I think he knew what I was going to say.  How could he not?  But a few weeks later as we were driving in his car, our conversation took a funny turn.  We were laughing about something and he turns to me and says “you make me laugh, that’s why I married you!”  Confused, I give him a look.  And he stops and says I mean, that’s why I date you.  And that moment on, I knew he loved me enough to marry me too.

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