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Candi’s crush: Anthropologie candles

It has been a LOT of business around here lately. Wedding season is in full swing and I while I love my work so much and I enjoy sharing it with you, I don’t want this place to be all business all the time! So today, I am sharing a just for fun post! I have had a LOT of posts on my list for this Candi’s Crush series for a while. Today’s is all about candles! I am so addicted to Antrho candles! my house is filled with them! So today I am sharing my absolute favorites!

Lexington NC Bridal Portraits wedding Raleigh nc wedding photographer charleston sc wedding photographer_0992.jpg

From left to right:
1. Capri seastone mini- This cute little mini capri candle isn’t just pretty in color, but it is the perfect size to share with others. It smells wonderful and adds a pop of color!
2. Pineapple candle (no longer sold) This pineapple candle is my favorite of all! It sits in my office and I burn it when I am working. It smells divine and I happen to love pineapples!
3. Whipped Cream and Pear Boulangerie Jar – This is actually a tie for my favorite as well. Haha! I seriously own atlas 8 of these candles. I burn them in my kitchen every single time we have people coming over. It smells like a cake baking! I keep a stock pile of them because I am afraid they will sell out!
4. Capri Blue Jar- This capri candle sits in my living room and we burn it at night while we have our couch dates. It smells amazing.
5. Bird of Paradies Candle (no longer sold)- This little candle is the one that started my obsession. I bought it because it was cute, but the smell won me over all the way! They no longer have this one in stock so I only let it burn a few minutes at a time to savour it as long as I can!

Do you have a favorite candle? Share it with me! And if you haven’t tried Anthropologie candles yet, DO IT! They are worth every penny!!

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