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Benefits of an intimate wedding

Covid-19 has rocked our world- I think we can all agree on that.  The wedding industry has had a rough go the last few months and I think we will feel the effects of that long after this virus disappears.  I know so many of our brides played the rescheduling game and ultimately ended up going with a smaller wedding to play by the state mandated rules.  For years, weddings have been big events and now things are starting to be smaller and more intimate.  While we always love a big party and truly believe the more, the merrier; we have fallen in love with intimate weddings too.  Today I am going to share a few reasons why we LOVE intimate weddings.

You get to focus on YOU TWO!

Weddings are still a big deal!  The wedding day isn’t about how many people you have or even where you have it- it’s about becoming husband and wife and starting new!  I would argue that most of our intimate weddings have allowed our couples to focus MORE on the marriage part of the day and less on the entertaining all the people.  We have heard people with large weddings say- the only alone time we really got the entire day was during our portraits.  Where as during an intimate wedding, you have so much more time one on one to soak in your new spouse!


You can spend your wedding budget on things you love most.

When you cut down on the number of wedding guests, you save money on food, table settings, and so much more.  Smaller wedding parties means less bouquets.  As you are saving in those areas you can spend that money on the things that make your heart happy.  Like FLORALS or a custom made gown.  You can totally have fun with it and do exactly what you want!!

You can have your dream location!

So many people love the thought of a destination wedding but it is hard to plan logistically for a big wedding.  A smaller guest count will allow you to dream big when it comes to WHERE you tie the knot!


More quality time with people who mean the most!

Smaller guest lists means more time with those guests!  Your closest family and friends can help you celebrate your new beginning and you will have time to actually share the moment with them all!



Did you know that a lot of venues and vendors have cheaper rates on non-weekend dates?  Having a smaller wedding means it is easier to have a non-weekend date and could save you a LOT of money!!




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