Bathroom Remodel!

If you have followed me for a while, you know we purchased a fixer upper years ago and we are constantly remodeling something on it!  Today I am excited to share our most recent update!  I wanted to title this post- SHOW ME YOUR UGLY!  as this room was by far the worst and the amount of time we lived with it that way surely earns me some reward!  ha!  In all seriousness, here are the details.


One thing you should know- We are SLOW remodelers.  Partly because we try to pay cash as we go and partly because we work most weekends!  Secondly, this bathroom is the ONLY bathroom in our home.  SO remodeling it was a challenge since we had to move out basically during this process.  We started this on Jan 30th.  YEP.  And we wrapped up this weekend.  almost 6 months later! ha!




Now, when we bought the house we had so much stuff to do, we didn’t really have time to do the bathroom.  So we added beadboard, some hooks, switched out the vanity and added cheap vinyl floor and gave everything a scrub.   The bath looks worse than it actually was.  It looks dirty but it was really just scratches in the cast iron.  When we started thinking of this remodel in JANUARY, after our toilet started leaking and we wanted to fix floor issues from that, we decided to do it in two phases.  Phase one was supposed to be removing the existing window, adding a smaller window in a different spot and fixing the wall that the window was on (adding new sink, medicine cabinet, and toilet).  We were going to pause there and do the shower, floors and other side of the room later.  BUT…When we did the window, we KNEW we couldn’t go further without moving the plumbing and chancing have to redo the wall again when we tackled phase two.  SO we paused on the project to save funds and collect the items we need.  And once our tile guy was ready we got started!

WE DEMO’ed The room to the studs.

Found that wallpaper about two layers in!  lol!

And just incase you are wondering- we couldn’t replace the tub.  It isn’t a standard size and NO ONE sold one to fit.  We thought about just doing a shower, but in the end I wanted to keep the tub for kids.  🙂


DAY ONE- plumbing was moved, shower wall prepped and ready for tile.


Shower tile done!

DAY 3-

Door cased in.

DAY 4-

Floor tile layed and shiplap painting begins. ALL wiring updated!

DAY 5-


DAY 6-

Door framed in and shiplap was added to walls  and sink and medicine cabinet was installed! (no photos)

Day 7-

Tub was reglazed!

Day 10- 14- I stopped taking photos of progress, but we framed in the window, added the crown and baseboards, wall hooks, etc. installed the hidden wall cabinet and then we just sat with it for a while because COVID.

FINALLY this past weekend we finished adding the shiplap to the hidden cabinet so our room is semi-complete (tub man has to come back and touch up a few spots and install the new drain!  🙂

Here is the AFTER!



You guys I am in LOVE WITH THE BATHROOM!  This used to be the worst room in our house and now it is my favorite.  The kids think it looks like a fancy hotel bathroom.  Ha! The best part of this remodel is that it was done on a SUPER budget (and pre-covid for the most part).  We used tile that we originally bought for our kitchen years ago on the floor.  We used a window we removed from our kitchen last fall.  We bought most of the items on Amazon with rewards.  We cut lots of corners and did so much of the work ourselves (wiring, framing, shiplap, crown, baseboards, window, siding repairs, etc).  Below are some sources if you are interested:


Paint- Black Magic- Sherwin Williams | Floor tile- overstock (it’s been several years and it is no longer available) | Wall tile- Bedrosians Cloe Tile | Sink, Faucet, exposed pipe, shower system, towel bar- AMAZON | Toilet- Lowes | Towel Hooks- Target | Towels– McGee & Co | Medicine Cabinet– Pottery Barn | Light- CB2 | Tile work: Perfected Tile and Remodeling | Tub reglaze: Roger the Tub Man


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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    This looks so luxurious! Great job!

  2. Vicky Reddy says:

    It is truly beautuful! Amazing job on such a small budget. Both of you are so talented. Love it!