Ash and Alex’s room

When I shared our home at Christmas, I got so many sweet message about how much you loved it. I had people stopping my husband in the store and comment on our home. “How does your house look like that? How do you keep it clean with 5 boys?” Those were the biggest questions we got and admittedly we had a giggle over it. Because our house was literally clean for the 5 minutes we took those photos. And I did some VERY clever cropping on them to not show you the parts that aren’t perfect (like our semi mismatched floors that still haven’t been fixed since we expanded those doorways). I hesitate to share a lot of our home because it isn’t perfect. It is lived in. And we are ok with that.

I love seeing my kids toys here and there. It means they are playing and growing their minds.
Our pillows and blankets are never perfectly placed. It means we snuggle on the couch often.
Crumbs on the floor and table. We have food to eat.

It’s all about finding the good. So I can assure you if you stop by our house on any given day, you will find lots of living going on and that includes messes!

But since you loved our living area so much, I decided to share another project with you! Ashton and Alex moved into our old bedroom this past fall. They passed their old room down to Ames and Finn. All Ashton wanted for his birthday was a big boy room. We spend hours designing a room board and filling up an amazon wish list for it. Every day he would remind us that we needed to hop on it. And on his birthday we revealed the space to him and they moved in.

I should also tell you a little bit more about this space. I have had it “done for now” since September 9. I would think about sharing it and stop myself. Because it wasn’t finished in my eyes. We still have plans for that space. In fact on January 1 as I sat in this very room thinking about taking these photos. I almost didn’t. I looked around and convinced myself that I needed to go spend a lot of money finishing it before I shared it. And that is the reason my NO SPEND YEAR was born. Because I knew at that moment that I needed an intervention. I needed to enjoy and appreciate what we had, not always want more. So I am sharing this humble space- imperfections and all. And after I will tell you what I want to do next year!

I always start projects with an inspo board…

Boys Room Reveal Charleston SC wedding photographer_5749.jpg

And here are some iPhone snaps of the progression…

Boys Room Reveal Charleston SC wedding photographer_5748.jpg

And here is the space for now…

Boys Room Reveal Charleston SC wedding photographer_5750.jpg

This photo really doesn’t do the color of the room justice!  It is the prettiest shade!  We LOVE IT!  And it is so outside of my normal color scheme!
Boys Room Reveal Charleston SC wedding photographer_5753.jpg

That’s our old night stand.  I want to either switch out the hardware or build a newer one.  But for now, it works.
Boys Room Reveal Charleston SC wedding photographer_5752.jpg

The boys LOVE their lights over their beds !  They use them all the time to read at night.  And it took everything I had to not photoshop out those cords.  lol!
Boys Room Reveal Charleston SC wedding photographer_5754.jpg

And we got them a new cool fan for the space too!  One of my favorite purchases and so cheap too!
Boys Room Reveal Charleston SC wedding photographer_5751.jpg

Plans to come. I didn’t share the other side of the room which just has the closet and dresser (with tv and huge basketball game in the corner). Eventually we want to build a desk (like the insp. shows) where that large dresser sits ,build a new nightstand (they have our old one) and revamp the old closet door. I would love to update their bedding (we reused the sheets and blankets from their old room). I also have some frames to hang! But that can wait!


Paint color: Behr Coney Island
Beds- Wayfair
Celing fan, throw pillows, rug, curtains, curtain rods, map, over bed lights– amazon
bedding- pottery barn kids and target

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  1. Heather says:

    Love the room! I am starting to create a big boy room for my little guy too, and this is very much like imy vision for his room. I especially love the beds. Do you have a link for the bed you got from Wayfair? We used Wayfair for his crib and we’re really happy with them.

  2. Mandy Provan says:

    It’s beautiful Candi! What an awesome transformation. A fantastic space for 2 young boys!!! ???? great job