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A little room redo

I have been sharing more of our home reno behind the scenes on instagram and I get so many sweet message about loving it!  I used to share our progress more but if I am being honest- WE ARE SLOW and INDECISIVE! ha!  SO if I shared in real time, you would likely get super bored with us!  I thought I could share this space below as it evolved, but once again I was proven wrong!  ha!  We thought it would be moving right along and instead we have been sick and dishing out all our extra cash to doctor offices and medications.  🙁  But here is the first part of the journey and I will update as we go!

We revamped Ashton and Alex’s new room for Ashton’s birthday and now that it is Ames’ birthday, he totally wanted his room done.  At first I was hesitant because I am not spending money this year…but then we sat down and talked about what we could do and came up with a plan.  Today I am sharing our room design board and my plan for making this come to life.  We had hoped to have it finished by today, but we have only started since we have been sick.


Pendant | Task lights| Curtains | Rug | Bed | Basket




I am really trying to do this space cheaply and stick to my no spend rule.  We will be purchasing a few things for it as Ames’ birthday present.  But not buying a bunch of new stuff just because!  So here is the initial plan.

  • We are keeping the current beds, bedding and dresser.  They are great quality and although I would love to switch them up, it is really unnecessary!
  • We are re-using paint we already have on hand.  I have plans to use paint we already had leftover to use in this space and that will save some $ as well!
  • we will be updating the light, curtains and eventually the rug because they have seen better days.
  • we will hopefully be building a custom closet unit and I have a fun plan for it.  We are currently trying to price it out and see how we can most economically build it.
  • we sold the extra furniture we no longer want in that space as well as some toys to earn the extra cash for this project!  That will be used on the rug and built-ins we have planned!



I am going to tackle parts of this project each week and hopefully  I will be sharing our progress weekly with you!

week one- finalize design plan, declutter and sell extra items.  Prep for painting. (I already did this this week!)

week two- prime and paint walls

week three- update light fixture and hang wall accents

week four- build closet system.  This make take us a bit longer to do since it will depend on how far into wedding season we are by then!  🙂



And in case you didn’t know.  This space was actually Ashton’s old nursery that we decorated 10 years ago!  Crazy!  I loved it back then but it has seen better days for sure and it is a little more colorful than my taste now!  Here are some before pictures from when we did the first remodel.


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