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If you have followed me for a while, you may remember me sharing about revamping Ames and Finn’s bedroom back in March!  I laugh looking back at that post because I had plans to finish it all within a week or so and sometimes the timing just doesn’t work out for us!  That is one thing I have learned for sure as we tackle projects around here- things always take SO MUCH LONGER than we think the will.  This time it is all my fault.  As I shared back in March, my plan was to do their room cheaply (aka mostly free).  Here is a before-


My original design board-


We started by painting the walls, selling some unused furniture and buying a new light fixture and rug.  I used Benjmin Moore simply white because we have it all over our home and LOVE it.  But for some reason when it went on their walls, it looked too stark.  The room felt lifeless.  So we waited a week and regrouped.



(iPhone snap)


I then decided to paint an accent wall in a bold deep shade behind their beds and add a matching layered rug to the neutral one we bought.  I researched the perfect color, looked for it in other people’s homes just to make sure I liked it.  I bought it, went home that day, painted the wall and HATED it.  You guys it threw me for a loop because I had picked a shade that was a deep teal and I bought a rug with teals and soft blues and the color on that wall was nothing but GREEN.  UGH!  That stumped me because I had already bought paint that I didn’t intend to buy and buying more was really not in my plan.  SO I sat there with it for weeks hoping it would grow on me.   It didn’t.  Every time I walked in the room I felt disappointed.  I just really didn’t like it at all.  So much that I never even snapped a photo of it.  So I sent back the rug, and started over.  I was afraid to do another deep teal for fear of the same thing happening.  So when chatting with Travis about it, I told him I really think I didn’t like the simply white because all the walls in our downstairs either have shiplap or wainscoting and that is what helped them all not feel sterile.  He agreed.  So we chatted wall treatments and came up with a plan that I love.  Keep in mind I really didn’t want to spend much money on this because I am truly trying not to spend money this year.  So we had burned through the furniture money on the light, new rugs and a few fun accents for the space.  But we went to Lowes and found a simple and cheap solution!


So I did an updated mood board-

And here is what we ended up with!

We did a Lattice strip board and batten.  The total cost for it was only like $20.  And I loved how it turned out!  SO easy to do and once we painted over that green, I was a happy girl!  The paint color is a deep navy/black. During the day it looks navy and has lots of blue tones.  In the evening it reads more black and I LOVE IT!  It was exactly what I wanted! And the boys made their own beds, so no judgement!  lol.

One splurge was the over the bed lights.  Ashton and Alex have them and the boys wanted them too!  Makes bedtime reading fun though!

I am in love with this light fixture!  🙂

And I knew I wanted to layer rugs in there.  I wanted a high traffic rug and then a fun rug we could easily toss in the wash too.  I love the look!

Finn ironically picked this sign and I giggle because it is so true in our household.  :).

And I also mentioned back in Early march that their room doesn’t have a closet so we wanted to add some built-ins.  They were way out of budget for us right now, but when we were in Lowes, there was this great armoire piece sitting there in the scratch and dent isle for $20!  Challenge accepted!  We bought that baby and came up with a fun plan!  We still have yet to finish that wall in the space, but I will share when we do!  :). But for now we added the “closet” in there and they have storage!

The final twist to it all was that I was really not loving those wooden beds they had.  We bought those about 8-9 years ago for Alex and Ashton and just left them in that room.  I am no longer loving a dark espresso furniture, so it bugged me the entire time we planned this space.  I dreamed of a different bed but refused to buy anything new.  In fact, we almost threw this current design plan in the trash and spent the money on building bunk beds for them instead.  But their room is laid out with windows in the center on three walls, leaving only one wall perfect for bunkbeds.  That was was the one with the door on it, so we didn’t want to have the beds against that wall leaving the rest of the room semi-empty and bland to look at as you entered the space.  I like balance and that would totally mess up my symmetrical loving heart!  So Travis had a brilliant idea that we switch beds with Alex and Ashton and build bunks in there room eventually because their space is perfect for it.  So that is what we did!  Win-win!  Shop your home people before you buy something!  Sometimes just moving it to a new room is all you need!  🙂


I truly love their little space.  We wondered quite a bit from where we started but I love it!  :).   And here are the links to all the fun things we used!


BedsWall signs.small lampCurtainsBeddinglarge rugsmall rug | morrocan pouf | Baskets | Light pendant | Reading lights | Curtain rods

Paint color- Benjamin Moore Simply white and Behr Little Black Dress


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