Our story part 5: College choices and time apart.

I took a little break from sharing our story so that I could drum up some more old photos.  I have to say that part of the process has been the most fun, looking back through memory lane.  We have a lot of REALLY BAD photos.  haha.  But today, I finally have a little post to continue our story!  If you are just joining me on “our story”  be sure to check out the first 4 posts.






College was always my plan.  I attended ASU for cheer camp one year and met a cute college guy that went there.  I had a full on crush.  He even wrote me a letter and sent me a picture of us together.  But by the time that letter arrived, I already had a new guy in my life.  One thing that didn’t change was my college choice.  Travis graduated a year before me.  And he knew that I wanted to go to ASU, so that is where he went.


When the day arrived for him to leave for college, I could barely even hold myself together.  We spent the entire day exchanging gifts, holding each other, and just trying to pretend that our lives weren’t going to change forever.  As his car pulled out of my driveway, I sobbed into my pillow for what felt like eternity.  I remember my dad coming into my room to comfort me.  He said it was a shame we had met so young because Travis probably would have made a good husband one day.  But the distance between us was ever so small compared to the love in our hearts.  That year apart he drove home every single weekend, usually stopping along the way to bring me some gift.  We wroter letters, emails, and spent WAY too much on long distance phone calls.  I quit my job and cheerleading and focused my entire life around him when he came home.  I lived for the weekends.  It was the toughest year of my life, but we made it and the following year I packed up and moved to college with him.



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