Our Story part 3 fair rides and failed first dates

After hearing love story after story from our brides and grooms, I am sharing ours.  See part 1 here and part 2 here.


After many lunch “dates” on our work breaks, Travis and I finally made a plan to go on an official date to the fair.  We went with a few friends.  We drove in that Camaro to Greensoboro, hit Taco Bell for dinner and then went to the fair.  It seemed like the perfect night, only Travis had a big secret.  We walked around the isles of rides looking for the perfect one.  Travis declined the first few but finally started to ride with me.  I had thought about that night for a long time. Planning in my head how it would be and I have to say, it was anything but.  We found ourselves riding the Gravitron which is a spaceship looking ride that you enter and it has walls covered with pads that resemble a gymnastics tumble mat.  The ride spins in a circle until it throws you against the wall defying gravity.  The line outside the ride was non-existant so they started the ride again without letting anyone off.  Once we were finally allowed to exit the ride, we all dizzily walked down the steps through the crowds until my date did the unthinkable….he threw up.  Needless to say, our night of rides ended abruptly with the Gravitron.


Even though it probably went down as one of his most embarassing nights of high school for Travis, it was the first glimpse of something I have witnessed forever with him.  He will do anything for me, even if he doesn’t like it.  He knew rides made him sick and he rode them anyway, because I wanted to.  That was the first romantic act of many that would lie ahead.



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