Candi’s Crush: In the Kitchen

In the Winter Months we do a LOT of cooking and baking at home.  And although my kitchen is still in a complete uproar due to remodeling (one day we will finish!) I am spending a lot of time in there.  Today I am sharing my kitchen crushes!


Cast Iron Skillet is for sure a must have for us!

These muffin tins get used a LOT!

I couldn’t do anything without my mixer!  Love this hobnail version too!

Our classic White dishes.  I love them after 15 years of them!

These baking sheets are used daily!

These cereal bowls with the cutest little dot border!

My food processor!  Helping me sneek veggies into meals for years!

These cups were a summer purchase but we love them year round!

These cute bowls have come in handy!  They are sturdy and easy to store and clean!

My dutchoven.  I LOVE this thing!

These cute little bowls make following recipes easy!

And my knife set.  Because you always need a good knife!


And some recipes I am loving lately…

The Chicken and Dumplings from Magnolia Cookbook.

Our Faux Farmhouse Recipe book.

Pioneer Woman 5 in 5!

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