Hello and welcome to the CLP Blog! I'm Candi Leonard, a wedding photographer based in NC.  My husband Travis and I work together to capture weddings for beautiful couples across NC and beyond!  Below you will find my latest work, some helpful tips for Brides and get a little peek into my life! Make sure you come back often to see what's new!

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Chad knew Lindsey was the one, but they dated casually off and on for a while before Lindsey realized that everything she wanted was right there from the beginning.  Their love was the kind everyone wanted….full of late night chats by the fire where they laughed and cried as they shared their hopes and dreams […]

Even though they shared a preschool classroom at the age of 4, it wasn’t until years later that Eric and Taylor reconnected. When his niece and her sister played softball together, Eric introduced himself again and they found the entire team of 3rd graders cheering on their relationship. Her sister and his niece were already […]

Nicki is a wedding planner in Charleston SC!  We have a wedding together coming up this summer, but I had a chance to photograph Nicki and her man this spring! It was so great chatting with her and she has so much knowledge to share with you guys!  Nicki will be answering some questions on […]

This young lady amazes me. My earliest memories of her were as a young 4-year old in my preschool classroom when I taught. She cried. Sobbed even. EVERY DAY. FOR WEEKS. She sat in my lap most of the year and she was this shy little girl. Now, she is all grown up, bubbly and […]

I am so excited that Abby and Cody’s wedding was featured on Artfully Wed this week!  I can’t believe it has almost been a year!!  I still remember how much their gorgeous day blew me away!  Abby and Cody worked so hard to incorporate their own personal touches into their wedding and it was a […]

All day long, every time I saw Ashley she was dancing. She danced into her gown. She danced while passing out gifts to her parents. She danced on the way to portraits. And when the reception officially began, she danced the entire night long. The day was one to celebrate for sure and Ashley celebrated […]