Hello and welcome to the CLP Blog! I'm Candi Leonard, a photographer based in central NC. You can find me capturing tiny little newborns in my home based studio or traveling to shoot beautiful weddings across NC and beyond! Below you will find my latest work, some helpful tips for Brides and get a little peek into my life! Make sure you come back often to see what's new!

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If you have followed my blog, you know my love for creeks and Maternity sessions! So when Wes and Dana decided to use my favorite creek, I was excited! These two are so sweet together! They are going to make awesome parents! And can we just go ahead and talk about how stunning Dana is […]

We traveled down winding roads full of barns and mountain homes. We climbed the hill on our last turn and passed by the rustic gate. When we got out of the car, we were greeted by the crisp autumn air. The leaves usually have turned by this part of October, but they were just starting […]

This is the third baby boy from this sweet family that I have had the pleasure of photographing! His big brother’s sessions were so good that I was nervous about creating something equally as cute with him! Fortunately he did awesome! And even though he was awake for a bit of his session, I still […]

They were walking their dogs in the woods looking for deer sheds. They stopped along side the creek to let the dogs get some water and to rest. It was right there that she noticed a tree. On that tree she saw the words she had waited for “Will you marry me?” carved. As she […]

Last week we celebrated Finn’s birthday! He adores all things “spooky” and Halloween so we thought a pumpkin party was fitting for him! We turned our table into a little pumpkin patch and brought in lots of black white and orange! It was a simple little set-up but he loved it. It also gave us […]

She woke up in tears on her wedding day. He had left a letter for her to find that morning and a few more for her throughout the day. As she read the words he left for her, she wiped tears from her eyes. And once those sweet tears were dried, they were followed by […]